Random things about me

1. I love -20 degree F days so long as they are bright and sunny.

2. Whining drives me crazy. Doesn’t matter who it is that is doing it.

3. I learned how to cook over a campfire and a wood cookstove.

4. I grew up in a log house.

5. My dad taught me how to build a fire using only one match.

6. I worked as a horse wrangler for 2 years.

7. I am was a heavy air tanker mechanic. One of only two females that are rated mechanics.

8. I hold my inspection authorization on my mechanic’s certificate. I’ve let this go since I’m not what the FAA considers “active” at the moment.

9. I cannot stand peppermint ice cream.

10. I like the smell of horses.

11. I have lived in Venezuela and would not mind living abroad again.

12. Two kids are plenty. I like my mom’s saying on this, “My lap is only big enough for two kids to be there at one time.”

13. I love having random projects.

14. I think I was born 100 years too late.

15. I am thankful that I was born when I was so I can enjoy my chosen career path.

16. Lilacs and carnations are my favorite smelling flowers.

17. Columbine is probably my favorite flower for looks.

18. I still own my first truck. My brother bought my first truck back from me.

19. I have aspirations of restoring my first truck. an airplane in my garage.

20. I really like hanging laundry on the clothesline.

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