Seed Catalog Links

In no particular order of preference here are several seed companies that send me catalogs:

Park Seed Company
Territorial Seed Company
Vermont Bean Seed Company
Seed Savers Exchange
Richard Owen Nursery, Exciting Gardens
Burgess Seed & Plant Co.
Farmer Seed and Nursery
Jung Seeds & Plants
R.H. Shumway’s

And a few I want but haven’t gotten in 2013 yet:

Baker Creek
Irish Eyes

I haven’t received the Burpee and TM Seeds Catalogs yet either. I wonder if my old p.o. box got them.

And last but not least I enjoy the Gardner’s Supply catalog and the Lehman’s catalog.

Note* I don’t receive anything extra from any of the companies listed above. I wouldn’t mind if they chose to do so but I don’t promote one over the other. Some folks have plants that do better in some areas than others. I would suggest trying to go with the folks in an area that has growing conditions that are similar to your own. Lots of times I use my seed catalogs as my window shopping. I look there to plan and get ideas and then I go with what I have and/or can find locally. I do tend to order specialty items from the catalogs as they can offer a lot more variety.

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