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Busy Weekend

Whew. Back at work today to recover from the weekend.  Our garage sale was a success in spite of crummy weather and very little advertising.  Goes to show how much location helps.  I guess the old adage of, “location, location, … Continue reading

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A quick warning

This next week is crazy busy and I may not get to this on the weekend.  I have company coming, I’m holding a yard sale, and a dear friend is moving away.  We shall see if I get anything else … Continue reading

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What to cover first

Okay, as I write I get ideas about other things to write about.  Anyone have any preference?  Any topics you don’t see on the following list that you would like me to write about?  I’m sure I can find an opinion … Continue reading

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Full blown spring

It is official.  Spring is here and our frost-free days are increasing.  I actually have my larger tomato plants in the garden without protection.  I put them out earlier this week and they have been doing very well.  Now if … Continue reading

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My version of companion planting

There are lots of books out there regarding companion planting. I will disclose this now: I have not read them.  I have read blurbs about them and I’ve read some articles regarding companion planting, but a whole book? No.  I … Continue reading

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How we are saving money on diapers

It is kinda funny. I have now had at least 3 of my neighbors stop by and say something about my cloth diapers hanging to dry on my clothesline.  I guess where I live nobody uses cloth diapers much.  Well, … Continue reading

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Update to what is planted

I planted a good portion of the veggie garden yesterday and I got lots of garden chores done.  My husband was home and able to help keep an eye on kids so I got a lot more than normal done.  … Continue reading

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Time to plant in zone 5

The time is here.  It has stopped snowing for the most part, the garden is tilled, and now I just need to get my lay out and some plants.  I started a few tomatoes this year, but I’m thinking I … Continue reading

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