Home Wish List

Updated April 2020

  • Good garden tools so I can get rid of the cheap-o ones that always need replacing.
  • Garden shed for those nice garden tools and a place to park the mower.
  • Green house/high tunnel because I’d like to be able to have greens in the winter even if I get nothing else.
  • A producing orchard.
  • New garden hoses
  • Wool studio. Space enough for multiple looms, spinning wheels, wool, and the washing facilities.
  • A growing season that is longer than a minute and doesn’t involve so much hail.
  • A nice garden fence. Right now, even a not so nice fence.
  • Space for animals again. Being in town means we have very limited space and the dogs are in more than out so they don’t bark.
  • A root cellar. A nice one. We had one in a house we lived in when we first got married that I would like to copy.
  • A big, well organized pantry. Not just an old laundry closet. It works for now, but I have pantry dreams.
  • A bathroom that is big enough to have a place to put my hairbrush and something other than the soap bottle on the counter. And is it too much to ask to be able to have my towels stored in the bathroom? Obviously our current one is very small.


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