Home Wish List

  • Broadfork for working the garden  I found a wheel hoe that works almost as well as this.
  • Trimmers for goats’ feet  No more goats, so no trimmers needed
  • Chicks to add to the egg production
  • Stock tank heater so I don’t have to chop ice
  • A real barn
  • Hay tarp
  • Good garden tools so I can get rid of the cheap-o ones that always need replacing.
  • Garden shed for those nice garden tools and a place to park the mower.
  • Green house/high tunnel because I’d like to be able to have greens in the winter even if I get nothing else.
  • 16 foot panel gate for the drive
  • A couple of loads of gravel and some good grading work done to the driveway.
  • Posts to expand my electric fencing so I can graze the brush with the goats and still keep them off of the apple trees.
  • Expanded nesting area for the chickens.
  • A producing orchard. (this is started with trees we just aren’t producing yet)
  • A frost-free faucet out by the corral and chicken coop area.
  • New garden hoses and no dog chewing them.
  • Bigger pressure tank for the well so I might actually be able to have enough water pressure to run a sprinkler.
  • A couple more galvanized garbage cans for grain, feed, and salt storage that will keep the mice out.
  •  A few more pallets to stack hay on.

New list:

  • vegetable garden area
  • chicken coop
  • chickens
  • lawn mower that will fit through the gate


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