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Weeds are taking over!

Apologies are in order.  I’m sorry I didn’t post last weekend.  I’m not sure exactly what happened but we got busy around here.  I’m way behind on my weeding.  The weeks of rain will do that to a person.  We … Continue reading

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We have had so much rain this last week. We’ve had anywhere from .1 inches to .5 inches of precipitation per day for the last 3 days at least.  At least that’s what the weather service’s official record is.  I … Continue reading

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Container Gardening

I just planted a container in my garden so I may as well talk about what I do with containers.  This one I planted with peppermint so I can contain the peppermint.  Mints like to go crazy spreading and I … Continue reading

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Thinking about food

I’ve been thinking about food.  Food in relation to our gardens and our health.  It seems folks either have too much food or not enough food.  It seems as though here in the U.S.A. large agribusiness has been the main … Continue reading

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