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I have this grand scheme to be able to have lots of animals and be able to rescue critters that need it on occasion. Along with that of course comes feeding, housing, and vet care for those creatures. While I would love to be independently wealthy and do it all, that isn’t happening anytime soon. Now you have the opportunity to sponsor a critter. I have several to choose from and will be adding to it this weekend and as our little homestead grows. All you have to do is click on the “donate” button. Choose the amount you can donate. Then I can go purchase feed for the critters. Please keep in mind that a bag of cat food is about $15, chicken feed about $12, dog food is $25/bag, and hay varies (this year it was about $6/bale) and I’m figuring about 10-15 bales are needed for a winter.
Donate Button with Credit Cards

What do you get in return for your donation? I’ll start with a hand written thank-you card and a picture of your animal. Then I’ll keep you updated on at least a quarterly basis throughout the year.

So what critters are up for sponsoring? Well, let me introduce you:


Twilight Sparkle Meow-er “Sparky” is our big black cat. He was thought to be a girl at first, which is how he got the Twilight Sparkle part of his name. He is long haired and by far our best mouser.

Fish and Sparky

Fish and Sparky

Fish is our youngest. He wooed us into taking him home as the free kitten at the farmers’ market. He is one sweet orange kitty that is quickly growing into a large cat.

Ledora is a calico cat that came from a farm, but has made it her life’s ambition to become an indoor kitty. That wouldn’t be a problem other than the fact that she seems to have forgotten what a litter box is for.




We have Big Red and Chicken Little at the moment. They are Rhode Island Reds that lay beautiful brown eggs. I would like to add a few more chicks this spring (2015) so we don’t run out of eggs like we have this winter.  I’ve lost these three and am due to get new chicks this spring. After I get my sweet husband to build me the Fort Knox of chicken coops. Turns out my dogs are chicken killers and my cats would think that chicks are snacks I brought home for them.




These are my fiber critters. We have two does. One is Chamomile and the other is BB. These girls need the most attention and equipment. Electric fencing, hay, sheds, combs, foot trimmers, etc.  While a good idea this did not pan out. Their fiber is nice, but not fine enough to truly and legally qualify as cashmere. Since they weren’t super friendly either this meant they went down the road to another home.

BB and Chamomile

BB and Chamomile


Kyra is our sweet lab mix who is our running partner. She would love to have more of a job than that, but her lack of hair doesn’t let her do much outside when it gets cold. She is a good kitty mamma and she is good at hunting the little varmints like voles. Her hunting means she is also good at leaving big holes in the yard for the lawn mower to fall into, and she is really good at chewing things up. She is only two-years-old so this is understandable even if it is frustrating.



Puppy, yet to be named. We are picking up a large guardian dog this weekend.  The pup is about 8 weeks old and already 20 pounds. I can’t wait! This pup will be our night watchman for all of the critters.  These two dogs will easily go through 75 pounds of dog food a month.  Uff-da!

Introducing Luna. 9 weeks old at the end of January. A Great Pyrenees, Collie, Akbash mix of total adorableness. Update: This pup is now over 100 pounds at a year and a half old. She is my sweet giant.

Little Miss Luna

Little Miss Luna

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