Coyotes are assholes

I’ve had a bunch discover my chickens and I’ve gone from eight chickens to two in less than two weeks. The ruckus woke us up at 5 a.m. this morning. Chickens squawking and dogs barking. My husband got up to see what all the noise was and saw a couple of coyotes in the backyard with chickens in their mouth. He let the dogs out and they did their job of chasing the scoundrels out of the yard and off the property. Two hours later when we left for work and school the dogs were still out on patrol and I was three chickens shorter.

I have one rooster and one hen. Of course it was the rooster I don’t like who survived. Such as life in the country. The big large guardian dog will be sleeping out tonight and the chickens will get secured this evening. Looks like I won’t be going through much feed this winter. I don’t think I’ll restock chickens until spring. I think this will be a good time to totally redo the coop and fence situation.


About littlehawkyarns

I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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