We have been talking about ways to simplify our lives even more.  For the most part we are probably better off than a lot of folks in that department.  We don’t have a bunch of hustle and bustle near us and we don’t have nearly as much stuff as we could have.  Yet, we keep running into the fact that we still have too much.

We keep running the idea of tiny houses by us but with two little kids that just isn’t very practical.  Now, a small house is much more practical.  We’ve had the progression of going from living in about a 950 sq. ft. house to renting a 2400 sq. ft. house to our current place that is in the neighborhood of 1600 sq. feet.  Huge to us.  We have always kind of gravitated to the little old farmhouses that have two bedrooms, one bath, and are right around 900-1000 sq. feet.  We find this is the size we like.  We wouldn’t mind having a three bedroom since we have a boy and a girl and the teen years are ahead of us.  

I find I do not like having two bathrooms to clean and maintain.  I hate cleaning bathrooms anyway.  Why do I want two of them? Bigger living room?  Separate dining room? Funny thing is we had all that in our little house in Montana.  No need for a huge living or dining room.  Here our master bedroom is huge! Bigger than some living rooms we’ve had.

So right now our plan is to start living like we live in a smaller house.  We are getting rid of stuff.  Getting rid of extras.  The amount of clothes that we never wear or toys that never get played with is amazing.  We are in a sort and purge mode at the moment.  We also want to use less power and go as off-grid as we can without going fully off-grid.  The nice part about that is we already have things in place to help with that transition.  We have the clothes line, a drying rack, and a wood stove.  I just got a bigger french press today to see about doing our coffee that way.  We have had this big fancy coffee pot that keeps the water heated and ready to go.  This is really nice but seems awfully wasteful of water and energy.  

Also, we are going to have the kids share a room for awhile.  They are young (6 and 3) and we’d like to see if we can all reduce the amount of stuff and if we can all put up with each other that close.  I think we can.  We all actually like each other so it shouldn’t be too bad.  We’ll use the extra room as my office.  This will clear our bedroom of the office clutter too.

See?  No moving, no huge changes, just little adjustments to make our lives a bit simpler and a bit gentler to the environment.  We are exploring the idea of solar power eventually and possibilities of grey water systems and composting toilets.  Not sure just yet where we’ll end up on that.  First we’ll start with the easy stuff.  Getting rid of things and reducing our power usage.

About littlehawkyarns

I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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1 Response to Simplify

  1. smjohnson50 says:

    Every little bit helps. Keep it up and you will be of the grid before you know it.

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