They are taking over! Probably partly due to the fact that I am in here writing on here instead of out there participating in my own little war-on-weeds. We have been getting some good moisture with some really nice warm days in between. Talk about good growing weather. I am finding I am going to be up against preserving stuff again before I know it. This is good, but at the same time I shrink away from the work. I am not sure I am ready. At least I don’t have to fire up a wood cook stove to can my stuff. Ugh! That would be miserable.

I need to start digging out my jars, my canner, and doing some inventory of supplies. I also need to pick up a dehydrator. Especially for my herbs. It works to dry them in the oven but I have to be really careful not to get them too hot. They discolor and will just plain burn up if you don’t watch them carefully. My oven doesn’t have a super low setting. It goes down to 170 degrees. That is too warm for herbs, so I warm the oven, turn it off, and then put my herbs in. Then I have to remember to check on them, re-warm the oven (after I pull the herbs while the oven warms), and then put them back in. All of it is a pain in the rear so I will be doing some shopping when I am done here.

I am kind of dreading cleaning my kitchen, fridge, and freezer. It all needs done before this last year’s food-stuff gets lost behind this year’s. I also need/want to move most of my pantry to the basement. We have these pesky things called tornadoes around here that I would like to be prepared for. For the most part we don’t really deal with too many tornadoes. Hail, wind, and snow storms are a pretty regular occurrence though. So are power outages. I like to be a little prepared. With two little kids I need to at least have them taken care of.

Of course the chore list around a property is never done. Yesterday I got to fix fences since the calves we have pastured here got out. Pretty sure that was due to our knuckle-headed dog that has decided chasing cows is a good thing. So, she gets a kennel today for everyone’s safety. This way she isn’t able to chase cows, kill chickens, or chew something up that will hurt her. I am incredibly frustrated with her but also know it is because she gets bored and doesn’t get nearly enough attention. No, she won’t be in the kennel all the time but it will give her a safe place to be when we need to run to town. Right now we can’t do that. She isn’t to be trusted in the house or garage without destroying things and she can’t be trusted outside with the other animals we have. I would take her with us but then you run into the problem of heat stroke in the vehicle. See why we are getting her a kennel today?

I think I will get started on my chore list today. It isn’t too bad. Gather eggs, check waters, make bread, make granola, make yogurt, dry herbs, vacuum, and make sure I’m ready for the farmers’ market that is tomorrow. Then of course there is always the make sure kids are fed, dressed, not killing each other, not destroying things, and making sure dishes get done. Some days I would really like to go back to being a kid. Just go play on my horse, go ride bikes with my friends, and go play in the creek. Oh well. I suppose I’d better get used to the fact that I am the adult now.

About littlehawkyarns

I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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