Mud Season

It is here. We have warmed up enough that all of our snow is melting quickly and it is turning my yard/pasture/driveway into a muddy mess. Spring must be on its way. I’m hoping it is. I got our power bill the other day. Ouch! Between the wicked cold, running out (kind of) of firewood, and chickens needing a heated water bowl and a heat lamp we used almost three times the amount of electricity we did at this time last year. Although that isn’t really a fair comparison as we weren’t truly living here full-time as of yet and the winter was much milder last year.

I didn’t keep track, I know I should have, of the below zero days. We have had many. Just before Christmas we had a solid week of temps being around -25 to -30 F and then again in January and February we had more of those days. And no matter what my computer said the temperature was my thermometer on my porch said about ten degrees colder than that.

The funny part is that I don’t mind all the cold weather and snow. I don’t particularly care for driving in the snow or doing chores when it is -30 F but all in all I don’t mind winter weather. Winter gives me a chance to re-charge for the upcoming summer. To me it is the heat I can’t stand. It gets above about 80 degrees F and I think it is too hot and I’m ready to hit the shade. I would much rather bundle up and go do chores in the snow and ice.

The mud season lets me know I need to be keeping a close eye on the weather and the calendar now. I have some onions and herbs started but I need a lot more starts going to be ready for planting out in May. Some of my starts will head out sooner of course but most of my stuff won’t go out until after Mother’s Day. This year I have the over-arching goal of trying to grow most of our produce for my family of four for the year. I think I can come close to this on the onions and tomatoes. I’m going to try for the potatoes, herbs, and some of the carrots. I have garlic in but I know it won’t come close to being everything we need.

Partly what I have to consider is what my family eats. Although beets grow beautifully and I like beets the rest of the family aren’t huge fans so we only grow these about every other year. That is more than enough too. Parsnips are nice but we aren’t used to having them. I think I will see about working these into our diet more. Carrots are good but my husband is finicky about his carrots. *sigh* Potatoes I love but the rest of the family is lukewarm about. We are going to try it this year though. I’ve never actually tried to grow potatoes. I’ve just kind of had them grow from my compost and never really worried about them. I’m going to try peppers this year as well. Both sweet and hot. We’ll see. I’ve never really tried. Melons are going to get a shot and beans and pumpkins too.

Lots of ambitious ideas this year. I have the space, the seeds, and the lack of finances for groceries so I have good incentive. I will be keeping an eye out for canning supplies. Jars and lids will be needed this year. I would really like a small dehydrator as well. At least one that I can take care of herbs in since they are easy to grow but expensive to buy.

A little mud starts clearing out ideas and getting the motivation going. I have not been motivated of late but I think the mud has helped to clear that out. Never knew mud could be so cleansing did you? 🙂

About littlehawkyarns

I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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