Money Advice and Articles

I get frustrated by them. Almost all of them tell me to cut the things I’ve already cut.

Satellite/cable t.v. is always one of the first. Let’s see I pay $8 a month for Netflix and about $50-60 a month for my internet. That is it. So scratch that one off the list.

Doing your own oil changes, plumbing, house repairs etc. Yep. Done. The only time we’ve ever paid for an oil change, other than the filter and oil, was when we had a vehicle that was next to impossible to do without being able to get completely under it and even then it wasn’t a fun one to do.

Mend clothes. Yep, do that too. And toys, and tools, and, and, and.

Re-use or buy used. Again. Yep. Seldom do we buy new anything other than once or twice a year we’ll get a new pair of jeans or two. That is generally all the clothes shopping we do. I hate shopping so I try to avoid it. We buy new shoes but tend to wear them for 5-10 years depending on the shoe. Well, worth buying new shoes at that point.

Kids clothes are generally new because they get plenty as gifts. Again, I think the only thing I buy them new are shoes. Not always though and little sister gets almost all the hand-me-down shoes.

A few things we do need to cut out that we are whittling away at are the debts. The truck we bought. No interest, in family loan, but we’ll be very happy when that is done. School loans. Again, little by little and they will be gone. Mortgage. Once things like the truck and stuff are paid for we’ll be paying more on this to make it go away sooner. Can’t right now but that will come.

We do tend to go out to eat about three times a month. Usually one bigger meal right after pay-day and then a couple of smaller meals. Even our pizza night is usually homemade. We do fudge this one sometimes.

Groceries. I’m not sure how a person could shave our groceries much more. I really only do about $300 a month for the household supplies, toiletries, food for our family of four, food for three chickens, two dogs, and the food for the one cat.

Gas gets us. We do have to fill up the vehicles a couple of times a month on both vehicles. The truck is not cheap to fill so we try to drive it less.

What else do we spend money on? Cell phones are our only phones and we whacked that bill down about a year ago by about $30 a month less. We still have vehicle insurance, power bill, and a garbage bill. The garbage bill is optional but it sure is nice to not have to make a dump run. This may go away eventually but not yet. Our power bill is on the high side in the winter but that has been reduced by putting in a wood stove. Still high but better than it would be without the stove.

We buy an occasional book but more often than not we use the library. We do most of our movie nights through the library as well.

As you can see we don’t spend a lot of money. Problem is we don’t have a lot coming in either. I suppose I could do the coupon thing. IF I could find coupons for anything I actually used. I very seldom do. I prefer real food to the boxes of stuff that most coupons are for. I do use the occasional coupon but only on something I am already buying.

These are all the reasons I get frustrated with the articles. As I read through their advice I wonder what it would be like to have all that stuff to cut out in order to cut costs. I know really. We’ve been there too. I find we were usually just as broke then too. We just spent more money and we ate out a lot more.

So there you have my random rant for the day. I was trying to read an article and I just got mad at it. Nothing against the author or anything. Just one of those things I run into on occasion.

About littlehawkyarns

I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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