School lunches are an interesting subject. I find it interesting (and a little sad) how little actual cooking is involved in the school lunch process these days. I have gone and had lunch with my son. It doesn’t really constitute food for the most part. It is packaged stuff that just requires re-heating. I understand that in the age of high labor costs that the school districts don’t want to pay for the people to be there and actually cooking. Sadly this means our kids eat processed yick that doesn’t taste good in the least. I know, I could pack lunches that are much healthier for my kid. And sometimes I do. Just not every day. I am not that super-mom that is that organized.

I do wish the district would cook its food from scratch though. That is still one of my favorite memories from school. The days we had rolls and smelling them baking from first thing in the morning until you finally got to go eat lunch. I did find a cookbook designed by schools, for schools. I like the recipes. I wonder if I could convince our district to do at least a few of these.

I found this on the National Farm to School Network on Facebook. I would love to see more of this stuff happening all over the country.

So there is my soapbox for the day. Still windy here. I’m ready for the wind to be done. We are going on a week of these high winds now. I’ll be happy when they quit. Knowing around here though that probably won’t be until about July. Oh wait, they don’t ever really stop because we move from high constant winds in the winter and spring to tornadoes in the summer. Oh well. Ponytail for the hair and a good wind proof jacket.

Oh, and right now I’m getting two to three eggs a day. That is fourteen to twenty-one eggs a week. I need to do more cooking and baking with eggs.

About littlehawkyarns

I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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