An Article of Interest

Did you go read the article? I read that this morning. Interesting but I do wonder how much stocking up they did before their journey. I wonder about things like toilet paper, sanitary supplies, etc. I think my biggest concern would be the toilet paper. I’m not keen on using old magazines (nor is my septic) and I’m not excited about re-usable either. Yes, you could in a pinch. Yes, there are plants that work in the summer here. But toilet paper is one thing I don’t think I ever want to give up.

Now, the rest of the grocery store products I’d be pretty okay with giving up. I would dearly miss coffee and chocolate. Could do without but who wants to? This is why I always say that we want to provide as much for ourselves as practical. I don’t want to do without coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, or beer. Yes, I can make or grow many of those things but I’d rather not. Same with flour. There are some things in life that just aren’t worth getting all the set ups to make your own. Not when I can buy perfectly good organic whole wheat flour at a reasonable price. I can use that time and money to grow something else or make something else.

I do like reading these things and pondering what it would take me to do something like this. So, what would it take me? I would need a dairy animal or to be willing to buy expensive but local fresh dairy products. I don’t care for goat’s milk or cheese in any form so I would have to go with cow. I want goats but not for dairy. Yick. Something I have never found I can like. I have the chickens for the eggs. I have a huge stash of rice thanks to some wonderful family members. I will be getting apple trees in this spring thanks to another wonderful family member. I have grape vines that will hopefully make it through the winter and start to produce this year. I have a garden but that doesn’t produce in the winter. I would have to move some stuff inside and/or I would need to put in a heated greenhouse or sun room. We do need to replace our back porch so I am hoping to plan it out so part of that can be a sun room to help heat the house and provide greens in the winter.

Let’s see, soap. I have a friend that makes soap so that wouldn’t be a problem. Dishwasher stuff would have to go and I’d have to do dishes by hand. Not my favorite thing to do and having a dishwasher is a convenience I really like. Peanut butter I would stock up on. It is funny, I don’t buy a ton from the stores. I usually go once or twice a month and get supplies. I buy from our local farmer’s market, I trade, and I buy from a local co-op that I’m part of. I don’t see the need to go grocery store free for a year. To be honest I don’t think even most of the pioneers did that. They would make a once yearly trip to another area that had a store to obtain things they couldn’t do for themselves. Cloth, salt, sugar, flour, nails, coffee, and tobacco were the main things. Then there have always been the luxury items. Candies, ribbons, etc. that aren’t absolutely necessary but sure could make a person happier.

I think I will continue on our current path of reducing the amount of store-bought stuff but still getting key items there. No sense in making ourselves crazy. Besides, it is little things like the fact that I don’t want a dairy animal because I want to actually be able to leave the property once in a while for longer than 12 hours. Those that have dairy animals impress me. Always have. I’ll stick to buying from someone else who is willing to have the critter.

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I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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