Year-end (almost) notes

I figure I better make a few notes about the garden while I’m thinking about it. And I’m procrastinating other things so of course I should write on here.

Sweet Peppers: Need to go in sooner or get started inside, probably need covers as well. I might get one if the bugs don’t munch it all.

Hamburg Parsley: Did well, I’m interested in trying the roots.

Cilantro: Need to stagger out several seedings of this. It always bolts. This year went pretty well all-in-all and we had cilantro longer than I have in the past.

Basil: Had Sweet and Opal. Both did quite well with direct seeding. Still going strong but I know they’ll be done as soon as the frost hit. I may dig one each to bring in for the winter.

Italian Parsley: Has gone nuts. I’ll be interested to see if it winters well.

Brussels Sprouts: Growing well. Had a round of aphids but ladybugs helped and so did the garlic spray.

Little Marvel Shelling peas: Did well but I need to get fences/trellises in earlier. I just used sticks this year. It looked pretty cool and very organic but only some of them worked well.

Oregano: Did well. We don’t use it much.

Lemon Thyme: I love how hardy this is. Plus it spreads nicely to fill in areas. We don’t use much but it smells good and is handy to have around.

Chives: Just getting established. I’m excited to see these back next spring.

Asparagus: Got it established. The foliage is very pretty and feathery. I’m hoping we’ll get at least one meal next spring from this.

Strawberries: Had a bit of a tough time keeping them watered enough. They seem to be okay though. I need to expand the bed for next spring and do an order of probably 50 bare root plants.

Tomatoes: I’m sick of them. They did alright. The Beefsteak and Super Marmandes did the best. The Brandywines did okay but the bugs hit them hard. The Amish Paste had issues with blossom end rot. Funny, since they were in the same bed as the others but the others didn’t have any issues. I had a couple of plants that got blight or something and just didn’t produce. I also had one seedling succumb to cutworms. I still ended up with a huge pile of tomatoes that are still producing at the end of September and started mid-August (or even earlier). All my tomatoes were started from seed. I need to find Sun Golds for the small tomatoes. Whatever gold ones we had were kind of bland.

Tomatillos: Went bonkers. Had 3 plants that I can’t/couldn’t keep up with. The bugs kept ahead of me as well. I still got a couple of good batches of salsa out of them though. We’ll see how much we go through before I start more of these.

Potatoes: Did not do well. The harvest isn’t terrible but the plants died back early and didn’t really have a good flower. I’m wondering if an early blight got them too. I wasn’t too worried though. These were just left-overs from a bag of potatoes I got at the store that sprouted on me. Instead of composting them I tossed them into a half-assed dug section of the garden. I bet I still have close to 10 pounds to dig out so not bad for totally neglecting them, not weeding them, and having them die off.

Grapes: Seem to be establishing well. The true test will be next spring to see who made it through the winter. I have 6 varieties.

Lettuce: Did well. I let it bolt mid-summer since we had our CSA lettuce. It seeded and now I see lots of new little lettuce plants coming up with our Fall rains. Lazy Fall garden. Hopefully we’ll get a few more salads since the CSA is done.

Radishes: Did well. Kids love digging these. I let a few of them go to seed too. They are coming up as well. That will be a nice fall salad.

Sugar-snap peas: These were funky flavored. Not sure why as I’ve grown this one before but these had an almost soapy flavor. We didn’t pick and eat many of these. I do have seeds from them but I’m not too excited about using it.

Carrots: Grew well. I didn’t get them thinned enough and the ground needs amending and working more for carrots. They are mostly short and fat. I have lots of carrots from the CSA too so we didn’t hit ours very hard. I’m hoping I can dig carrots in the winter.

Collards: The aphids hit these really hard. Ate them flat to the ground. Then the ladybugs moved in and the collards are coming back. Some fresh greens for the fall. I’ll probably grow them again next year.

Lemon Balm: I transplanted a plant from my Montana garden. It wasn’t happy about moving but it looks like it still might make it.

Calendula: Got a nice stand of it going. I’ll expand this next year.

Marigolds: Came in nicely and got some color going. I’ll use more next year.

Zinnias: Got a few. Want more.

Cosmos: Are really just now coming into their own. I’ll be adding more next year.

Parsnips: I don’t know yet. They seem to be doing well. Tops are healthy and green. I’ll be excited to dig these and add them to soups and stews.

Beets: We just don’t eat many of these. They are super easy to grow though. May grow for dye for yarn but otherwise I’ll probably skip them next year.

Onions: Put in 200 sets and could use probably 200 more. Had one row of Walla-wallas from seed that did well but one row isn’t enough.

Garlic: Was a no-go. Started okay but disappeared. I need to get some in before winter hits.

Kale: Was great until the aphids hit it too. Will be planting more of this for my son. He loves it. The rest of us are kind of ho-hum about it.

What I want for next year:

Peppers: Both sweet and hot. Jalapenos, Poblano, and a Sweet Italian I think.

Lots more onions

Melons: Watermelon and Cantelope




Maybe corn

Fruit trees (need deer protection)

Flowers (beware the bunnies)

Herbs: comfrey, cumin, sage, lemon balm, tarragon, basil, parsley, thyme, lavender

Dye garden: indigo, madder, etc.

Things to avoid because no one really eats them:


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I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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