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What to do?

I was debating setting out my other half of my tomatoes since I don’t have cages for them. We’re broke so I won’t be buying cages any time soon either. Hmmmm… Thinking…Thinking… Ah-ha! I have left over fencing from building … Continue reading

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Grand Plans

Let’s see where I’m at so far on the garden.  I have peas (both shelling and snap peas), radishes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, asparagus, thyme, sage, garlic, lettuce, collards, beets, onions, shallots, lemon balm, rhubarb, grapes, and an apricot planted.  … Continue reading

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Busy Day

I was busy in the garden today. I dug two new beds for the tomatoes, pulled a dead tree out, planted strawberries, rhubarb, garlic, and the Brussels sprouts, hauled manure and straw that the previous owners left us, fixed some … Continue reading

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My new chicken coop

It just needs another coat of paint, put into place, and some bedding then we can install chickens and a run. They’ll mostly be free-ish ranging. My side yard at any rate. I can’t let them completely free range since … Continue reading

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