Grand Plans

Let’s see where I’m at so far on the garden.  I have peas (both shelling and snap peas), radishes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, asparagus, thyme, sage, garlic, lettuce, collards, beets, onions, shallots, lemon balm, rhubarb, grapes, and an apricot planted.  I still have seedlings to plant and those are: tomatoes, spearmint, lavender, peppers, more onions, more asparagus, tomatillos, and some hollyhocks.  I have a few potted carrots and kale going.  It looks like the kale came back. 

Besides my seedlings I still need to get some potatoes in and I haven’t decided what else.  I’d like some parsnips.  Oh, I still have a couple of cucumbers that are hanging on.  Cucumbers and I have a tough time together. 

My reason for the indecision on what to plant is that we are partaking in a partial share of one of our local CSAs (community supported agriculture) this year.  I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting myself into but I’m thinking it means that I don’t need to grow as much.  I’m waiting until the weather warms before I really make any of those decisions though. 

As I’m thinking about it I may not plant much more.  I don’t have much more garden area prepared this year.  If I prepare more it will have to be by hand since my tiller won’t till and the gearbox it needs is almost as much as it is to replace the whole thing.  Silly but true.  I’ll be keeping an eye out for another tiller like it for parts.  What all that means is that I have to hand dig beds right now.  Not bad but it is a workout and it takes quite awhile to dig a bed.  Time is something I don’t have a ton of during the week.  Somehow the kids don’t always want me out in the garden.  They seem to want food and stuff.   It works a lot better on the weekends when we can double up on the whole parenting thing.

I think I just convinced myself to only plant what I’ve got started already.  Except maybe some herbs that I’ll purchase as things warm up.  For as easy as herbs are supposed to be I usually have an easier time with them if I start with someone else’s seedlings.  Especially when it comes to basil.  I don’t know why.

Since I’m not planting 3 more beds that means I need to haul a lot more straw and manure over and mulch them like crazy so I don’t get a ton of weeds there this year.

So list time:

haul straw and manure for the beds

plant seedlings once it has warmed a bit more

fertilize/mulch apricot tree

take care of pruning and watering other trees around the property

get more grass established

build gates for side yard

finish painting chicken coop and move to side yard

coop need concrete block bases for the legs

after June we need to find a couple of kittens for mouse patrol (we have a ton of mice)

after June we need to get 3 chickens

I’d like to see about finding someone local that has guineas that I could get

work on fences so they can be ready for sheep next year

make sure the outbuildings are either ready for critters or get them ready for critters

I might talk to the neighbors about grazing our pasture with either some cow/calf pairs or horses. If I do this the walk-through gate needs a better latch.  The current one won’t stand an animal pushing it.

There is lots to keep us busy as you can see.  I’ll also be needing a hot plate later in the summer so I can do a bunch of canning.  I have a flat top stove that doesn’t work for canning so I’ll need to do the hot plate.  I’m trying to decide if the back porch or the garage will be better for an outdoor canning kitchen.  Probably the porch since it is in the garden…


About littlehawkyarns

I'm a gardener that is trying to provide good food for my family to enjoy. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, four chickens, and four cats. In addition gardening I enjoy handwork such as knitting, crochet, and sewing. I'm in the process of trying to learn tatting and embroidery as well. I am soon adding more critters to the collection since we just got property and I spin yarn.
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One Response to Grand Plans

  1. Your list looks like mine! Somehow that makes me feel better . . . You know – about the cats and mice – chickens are really good mousers . . .

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