Spring chores and critter wish-list

Let’s hope today is a bit nicer. It was supposed to get nice starting yesterday and it ended up slushing. It started as rain and turned to snow thus the slushing. It was pretty cold and miserable but at least we were getting some moisture. I will not complain about that. Not even a little bit. It just wasn’t conducive to working outside. That’s okay because I still have lots of cleaning and sorting to do inside before company gets here on Saturday. Looking around my room I’m going to have to find a different spot for my sewing.

Just thoughts as I look around at what needs done. I need to set mouse traps too. I had bird seed in the garage that the little buggers made a complete mess of. I didn’t even think to put it in something mouse proof. Duh! It’s been too long since I lived in the country. We may have to get a barn cat after we are done with some travelling. My list of critters is getting longer. We want a puppy to help our old dog with security, now we need a cat for mouse patrol, and we want chickens for eggs and bug patrol. We are considering guineas for bug and snake patrol too. They’ll all need to earn their keep but we are all excited about having critters in spite of the increased chores. Bear (my son) is talking about rabbits. I’m thinking he might not be quite ready for them. I remember my young experience with them. My folks got rid of them and it took us kids 2 weeks or more to notice they were gone. Oops.

I would really like to get my paths dug in a bit today. If I get that done and the cardboard down for weed control then I can start getting my mulch in. We debated gravel or a bark or shredded mulch and I think we’ll go with the shredded. A couple of reasons. I don’t want my knees stabbed when I’m weeding, we want to be able to change the paths if we don’t like them this year, and I like the smell of the cedar. Now I just have to figure out if I can get a load of it delivered for a reasonable price or if it will be worth paying a bit more and getting the bagged stuff that I can haul home in my car.

I suppose I should do some of my inside stuff first like getting the floors cleaned up and the dishes done. Too bad the everyday little things have to get in the way of the fun stuff to do. Maybe while I’m outside I can figure out what we are doing for our clothes line too. I have got to get that going. The cost of electricity is insane and my dryer is old enough that it isn’t as efficient as it could be. Besides, I love the smell of line dried things.

I’m off to check the seedlings. It should be about time for them to need water. No real leaves yet but soon. Asparagus still not up either but I seem to remember them having a really long germination time.

About littlehawkyarns

I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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