Seed organizing

With moving in July/August and having planted not all that long before that my seed pile was a total mess. To pack everything I’d had to pull my seed organizing apart. I’d had them in a 3 ring binder and each seed was in a plastic page protector. It worked okay for a while but I had too many seeds for it to work really well. I’ve been frustrated with trying to get my seeds organized for a couple of years now.

Well, I finally decided to do something about my mess. I’d piled everything into one big plastic bag and I had no idea what I had or not. I found a great seed deal yesterday so I had a pile of seeds to add to my other pile. When I saw how bad it had gotten I decided it was time to organize it. So I emptied out a shoe box sized plastic tub. You know the Rubbermaid/Sterlite type with the snap/click lid? And they’re clear so you can see the contents. First I just got the seed out of the bag and into the box. I quickly filled the box. Next came getting it a little organized. I got 26 small envelopes and some of the label tabs. –I’m the type that refuses to go buy more stuff to organize my stuff.– I put the alphabet on the tabs and offset them on each envelope. You know the way cut tab files go? Start on the left and each one gets progressively further to the right. I did that with my letter tabs. Then I organized seeds in a general alphabetical order. I didn’t go to crazy. Each seed type isn’t alphabetical under each letter but things like all the carrots and cucumbers and cilantro are all under “c.” Finally!

I’ve tried to do this before but I’ve never gotten a big enough container. I still may need to get another container or get rid of seeds. I also still have some big bags of wildflower seeds and grass seed that just aren’t going to fit in a shoe box sized container. The true test of whether or not this works will come when I want to plant. I wish I knew what kind of garden I was going to be able to have this year. Some of my seeds should be getting started here in the next month or so. But I don’t want to have to move a bunch of seed flats if we buy a place soon. So for now I’m on hold.

At least I know I won’t be ordering carrot or pea seeds. I think the only seed ordering I’ll be doing won’t actually be seeds. I’ll be getting some seedlings once we get a place. I may do most of that locally though through a couple of nurseries. Depending on what property we buy I may be getting several trees to put in or I’ll be getting grapes and roses. We’ll see what we end up with.

We’re looking at a couple of places right now. One has no yard (we’re talking complete dirt) and 80 acres of sage brush and the other has mature apple trees, a yard, some young pear trees, and maybe some other young fruit trees. We’re just playing a waiting game right now. The place we really want that is closer to town isn’t on the market yet. The 80 acres is but it is a long ways from town and has a small house. It would be a great blank slate but the place close to town is set up just how we want it. So, we wait. And in the mean time I do things like organize my seeds and try to downsize my stuff.

About littlehawkyarns

I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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