Summer has gotten busy…

Summer has gotten busy.  I went from rainy days and not being able to get outside to hot.  In the 90s after barely being into the 60s.  All I’ve been doing on my weekends is trying to catch up to the weeds.  I don’t have a prayer of getting ahead.

My peas are producing like crazy.  In fact I should go pick and shell some peas this evening.  Maybe I’ll get some in the freezer this year for winter.  I need to plant another round of peas as well.  My herbs are going like crazy too.  I’ve been picking and drying German Chamomile and Peppermint for tea.  Yesterday I picked some Tarragon and Sage to dry too.  And today while I was weeding the side flower bed I realized my Lemon Thyme is blooming like crazy so I picked some to dry.  I have three kinds of Basil, some Marjoram, English Thyme, and French Thyme that all need to grow a bit more before picking to dry.  I need to get going on the Parsley, Spearmint, and figure out what to do with my Cilantro that has gone crazy.  I’ve made Chive vinegar and I need to get my Chervil broken up and into a jar since it is dry.

Like I said it has all of a sudden gotten busy around here.  Soon I’ll have Romain ready so we can start having all homemade Caesar salads.  Mmmmm…  The thing I’m running into right now is a serious lack of space for drying herbs.  They take up a lot of space until they are dry and my poor little house just doesn’t have much space to spare.  I use all my cooling racks and cookie sheets along with hanging some of the herbs from my ceiling in the kitchen.  I suppose I should peek at my garlic and see if it is ready to start harvesting.  Then I can try to find space for that too.

I’m ready for the tomatoes to start coming on.  We are down to the last jar of tomato sauce. *sigh* I really don’t like store-bought sauce anymore.  I’m excited to try some new recipes this year.  I also want to try making ketchup again.  Homemade is sooooo different from the store-bought stuff.

Well, since my little ones are asleep and I’m realizing how many chores I have that I don’t really want “help” with… I better get off the computer and out into the garden.

About littlehawkyarns

I am a small business owner, spinner, knitter, gardener, and mom. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, and two cats. I enjoy canning good food, getting involved in my community, and going on adventuress with my family.
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